Customer Service Team Manager

Job ID: 984PLIISS7OZ1 | International Ecommerce Platform
Location: Remote (Work from Home)
International Ecommerce Platform is proud with its excellent worldwide customer service and looking for a new Customer Service Manager (CSM) to lead, manage and support the global team customer service team working remotely from locations all over the world.

This position is a remote position (home based role), you will be managing a team of 25 Customer Support Agents (CSA) working remotely from home, as well, and be responsible for the overall performance and operational delivery of your team. Developing positive working relationships with your team and collaborating across multiple teams will be important for success in this role.

This will require to be available around the clock, be a leader and have high skills with both customer service and working with customer service employees. Experience with operational management and process improvement is preferred and you should be comfortable with making decisions fast.


* Excellent ability to solve customer service issues and demonstrate passion for delivering a positive customer experience to protect the brand.
* Developing and achieving performance goals and objectives in order to achieve customer promise expectations ensuring accuracy and quality.
* Manage and develop the customer service team of 25 – 30 agents located in different locations worldwide and time zones.
* You need to understand the use of Customer Service and Company systems and understanding and control of department functions and procedures.
* Responsible for the overall direction, co-ordination, motivation and evaluation of the customer service team.
* Additional responsibilities will include interviewing, training, coaching and motivating the customer service agents.
* Development, analysis and improvement of new strategies and procedures.
* Basic project management and implementation at the customer service department.

Position Qualifications

* This Customer Service Team manager position is from your home (remote work).
* Strong & fluent English is required.
* Demonstrating leadership principles.
* Good computer skills including Microsoft Office Customer Service systems.
* Must have strong organizational skills and be assertive.
* Experience communicating with and presenting information to internal and external customers.
* Ability to create and continually support people to the customer service agents.
* Positive both in spirit and in communication, understanding when necessary, to give pep talks or have tough conversations.
* Ability to confidently facilitate team discussions and communicate the messages.

Position Preferred Qualifications

* Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.
* 6+ years previous experience building, managing and supervising a large team in a global customer service environment, preferable a remote team.
* Ability to handle tasks, employees and function in an ambiguous, fast paced work environment.
* Strong communication, both business and interpersonal, verbal (speaking, listening, interpretation) as well as written communication.
* Experience managing customer service team in a global ecommerce company with a fast-paced, servicing clients worldwide.

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